Fluffy Oat Flour pancakes

A friend of mine made some slightly different oat flour pancakes for me last year when I went to stay with her (thanks Finey). It inspired me to try my own take on them but maybe not as healthy as hers!This recipe is what I call my good (but slightly naughty) pancakes. See 'Healthier Pancakes"... Continue Reading →

I’m Back!

It's been a long while since I have written a post, in fact I have moved over from Tumblr to 'start again'. I was inspired to write recently as my friends and I hosted a baby shower for the first one in the group! Due in less than a month now!! Eeek!

The perfect christmas gift, a hamper full of of homemade sweet treats. I made peppermint creams and coconut ice here. They are so quick and easy.

My first attempt at using the rose nozzle last year for a triple layer - chocolate and vanilla cake. It didn’t need anything else.

I made a test one of these a couple of days before they were needed just to check that the wafer didn’t burn! It was a success. I do have a hack though! If you’ve got left over cake from when cutting layers or just generally, squish it together in your hands so that you... Continue Reading →

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