Healthier Pancakes

This is based on my usual weekday breakfast recipe, but slightly converted for weekend pancakes! For a more fluffy, treat worthy version see my Fluffy Oat Flour Pancakes post.


Prawn and Mango Salad

This is very similar to the Summer Salad. Equally as tasty but a little different in texture and flavour.

Turkey Burgers

You wouldn't think turkey burgers could taste so good, they were moist, soft and full of flavour which we all know is hard to achieve when cooking turkey!

A reminder of my time in casa lumbreras en Sevilla!! #paella #seafood This dish is so satisfying to make and makes a great lunch the next day! #chorizo #chicken

Kale spinach apple kiwi and banana smoothie with eggs and spinach for breakfast! Yum! #countdowntovegas #loveforfood

My relationship with exercise

So I haven’t had a chance to do much baking recently, with my move to London and my weekends back in Birmingham I am lost for time! However I’ve been occupying myself with get ready for Vegas regime! I’ve got a trip to vegas coming up so excerise and looking good has been top of... Continue Reading →

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